Kneeling in the garden with a burdened soul he cries out

In pain and agony for the cleansing of my soul.

He bares the weight of all who ever lived

Even those who rejected him.

He's my savior he's my savior, He's my Lord, My King and all I need.

Aching form the pain bestowed on him,

Carrying that which he must die on ,

Silent while those around him cry out in agony,

For his life will be taken,

As he hangs on the cross he says "forgive them father",

So I'll sing out "He's my Savior, he's my Savior, he's my Lord, my King and all I need.

And when I pry I will say "my Savior, my Lord, my King I come unto you with a heavy heart. I'm thankful to be a part of your plan, and I know you understand my life is worth all i have. and thats why i will tell every one that you are My savior my savior, my lord, my king and all i will ever need.."

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